Development of a new brand identity and communication strategy for a spinal technology company

The Ask:


Minimally Invasive Spinal Technology (MIST) is a medical device company dedicated to the betterment of care for children suffering from scoliosis.  They recently made the shift to being a software focused company but AI/ML technologies are new in the spinal care industry and there is a lot of distrust and concern about safety and accuracy.  They have partnered with Lighthouse Labs, a premier and nationally recognized Seed-Stage Accelerator in Virginia, and have asked the VCU Brandcenter to help them breakthrough into a market that’s just recently warming up to these kinds of technologies.

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The Challenge:

There is a gap in patient emotional and physical care.  Scoliosis impacts 2 million adolescents (between the ages of 11-17) in the United States alone, and the effects of scoliosis have overbearing influences on quality of life, self-image, self-perception, and life satisfaction.  

The Strategy:


Empower parents and patients to advocate for MIST.  Provide a community around each of their child-patients.  One that caters to their emotional and physical needs.  To be a place for advice, encouragement, and empathy.  Kids strong enough to deal with the day to day battles of scoliosis deserve to be seen as equals in the process of treating it.  A child that knows what's happening will be more confident when around other kids, and adults, who don’t.


The Lasting Impact: 

Life doesn’t have to change.  Kids should still be dancers, and cheerleaders, and basketball players, they should still hang out with friends and still be kids.  This product isn’t to alter their lives, its to keep them down the path they were already going. Through knowledge and empowerment, MIST will help each child adjust and flourish.

Jumping Break Dancer




The current branding feels too “scientific”, and similar to other medical device companies.  It doesn't stand out, nor give off the level of trust that we know MIST will provide. 

We wanted to rebrand the logo and colors to be more conclusive of the consumer journey that patients with scoliosis encounter. 
Final Logo.jpg



The new logo includes brighter colors that are more distinguishable, and a new logomark that breeds trust and a feeling of uplifting empowerment. 



A nod to the actual vertebrae itself, mixed with an uplifting feeling.

We want people to look at this and know that MIST will be there to guide them throughout their scoliosis journey. 

Brand Identity.png
Logo Mark concept.jpg
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Social Ad General 2.png
Social Ad General 1.png
General Awareness
By using clear, understandable language that is inherently uplifting and inspiring, we can improve the attitudes of patients and family members, while reinforcing our expertise and technological prowess to professionals. 
MIST Athletes




Computer Monitor
Website Redesign

We redesigned the homepage to act as a quick snapshot of what MIST is all about as soon as you land on the site.

Implemented the new branding and tone.

Introduced illustrations and gradients to give it a more approachable and youthful feel.

Computer Monitor
Facebook Group

Sponsored by MIST.

Meets users where they are.

Acts as a community hub for parents, patients, and physicians.

Content can include resources and inspirational stories.

Kids Jumping into the Lake


MIST is not just a software company. 

They're in the business of changing lives.

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Young School Students


Charlotte Robins (ST)

Cat Marsh (ST)

Hannah Berling (AD)

Adam Bueler (AD)

Nebraska White (CW)

Nick Vega (XD)

Prahbjot Saini (CBM)

Sheila Villalobos (ST)

Cat Marsh (ST)

Matt Cavallo (AD)

Cain Luke (CW)

Dani Loleng (XD)