Ryo was inspired by, and named after Ryokan (旅館), a type of traditional Japanese inn. Historically, it was a common form of lodging for all types of travelers (from vagabonds, tradesmen, to samurais) on the tokaido highway (connecting Kyoto and Tokyo).


Today, a ryokan is the best way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and, especially for modern-day travelers looking for an authentic Japanese experience. The style and decor is kept minimal and traditional, and typically feature communal baths/hot springs (onsens) and other public areas where visitors may wear yukata (robes) and rest.


The Japanese- Portland Connection

There is a strong bond between Japan and Portland that dates back to the 19th century. The geographic position as the closest mainland city to Japan made Portland a hub for immigration, and until World War II Portland was home to a thriving Japantown along West Burnside Street. The area was dismantled after the mass internment of Japanese Americans during the war.


Additionally, Portland and the Japanese city, Sapporo, have been sister cities for more than sixty years. These two cities share the same latitudinal point, and are one of the first sister-city relationships to be established in the US.


There is shared growth in exchange of food, fashion, & other cultural attractions between Japan and Portland, with more than a dozen Portland-themed restaurants, bars and shops in Tokyo's Shibuya ward.


The Ryo Brand

Ryo alleviates the stress of traveling, by offering an immersive traditional Japanese-inspired spa and lodging experience at an affordable price.  It was built to emulate the following three pillars: 


  1. Emphasis on rest and relaxation: Premium amenities built and designed with a focus on rejuvenation for travelers.

  2. Affordable and inclusive to all travelers: Budget friendly accommodations in exchange for premium experiences.

  3. Inspired by unique cultural traditions: Intended to provide a unique cultural experience for the modern traveler.


Our Consumer

Our target consumers are millennials, who are comfortable exchanging guest-room size for the experiences of a lifestyle hotel.



Age 30, Mid to upper scale, Traveling for weekends/long 


Our target consumer loves experiencing culture and prefers it over a party.  They are willing to travel alone but are hesitant because they want to share it with others. When they travel they spend less time in their hotel room and  more time exploring. They want to mingle with locals and others that share similar interests. They want to live like a local when they travel; community vibe. When staying in a place long term they choose to stay in airbnb. They cannot stand a poorly designed hotel without premium amenities; if they are paying the money they want to see receive the value. They are budget-conscious but not frugal. They are willing to pay a reasonable price for a mid to upscale hotel room, but deems luxury hotels and luxury prices as excessive.


What We Offer (property amenities)

At a glance, Ryo offers 250 guest rooms and each room is 140 square feet. Room rates range from $120-180; seasonal rates may vary and offer complimentary valet parking. Our amenities include:


Cherry Blossom Bar and Lounge

Our bar area allows our guests to mellow out and get comfortable. There's a flavor for every mood, creating ample opportunities for them to connect with fellow travelers. 


Osen Oasis 

The Ryo Rooftop is the crown jewel of our staying experience. Open from 7AM-10PM, it's the perfect spot to comfortably watch the sunset over Mt. Hood in our state of the art hot spring pool. 


Sento Spa

The Sento Spa is a premium indoor hot-spring spa, massage, and sauna that features multiple rooms that include a Jade room, eucalyptus steam room, ice room, and clay room.  


Kaiseki Ryo

The Ryo Room is the perfect setting for you to enjoy lavish Japanese Kaiseki-style cuisine. Located in the hotel's center, our nature rich indoor courtyard nicely compliments the fresh, colorful, and tasty meal selections.


Guest Rooms

Features include:  

  • Complimentary “yukata” robes and sandals

  • Curated rest kit with a sleeping mask, ear plugs, and essential oils

  • High quality mattress

  • Black out curtains with automatic control

  • “Connect” room technology with lighting and temperature control 

  • Eco-friendly energy usage, with card-entry required lighting

  • “Origami” modular furniture with the ability to fold and store in the closet cabinet

  • Portable mobile desk, with ability to fold over the bed

  • Under-bed storage, for additional storage space

  • Complimentary hi-speed internet access

  • Power outlets with USB/Lighting cable adaptable plugs

  • 40 inch flat screen smart TV